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5. Remove the modem from its connector slot on the underside of the logic board. Take Apart Modem - 5 9 Modem Replacement The I/O panel and the modem are sandwiched between the logic board and the metal frame of the I/O panel. The metal frame fits on top of the logic board, over the screw holes. On the underside of the logic board, the screw tab goes under the modem. Replacement Note: After replacing an international modem, use the Modem Country Selector utility to set the modem to the correct country.

Holding onto the down converter, press down on the black connector to separate the down converter board from the logic board. Note: If you are returning the logic board to Apple refer to the parts database and remove the SDRAM, any cables, the modem, the AirPort Card, and I/O panel. Replacement Note: When reinstalling the logic board, install a new thermal pad on certain models. Refer to the next page for information. Take Apart Logic Board - 4 6 Thermal pad is used on these boards: 661-2425, 500 MHz 661-2426, 600 MHz Thermal Pad The thermal pad prevents the microprocessor from overheating.

Take Apart Modem - 5 5 Modem Before you begin, position the computer upside down, resting the computer on an ESD mat or other soft surface and remove the following: • bottom housing • EMI cover • logic board Note: The modem is located on the underside of the logic board. Take Apart Modem - 5 6 1. With the logic board facing right side up, disconnect the cable at J12. 2. Remove the two screws on the I/O panel. Take Apart Modem - 5 7 3. Turn the logic board to the underside and remove the modem screw.

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