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In case the student is puzzled by the reference early in this chapter to "rain" being a drying element, let us make the point clear. It is necessary for some degree of humidity to be present during drying. If heat and air circulation alone are present, the wood will suffer in consequence, because of stress set up in the outer zone or skin. Moisture is required to assist in reducing stress during drying. The whole question of humidity will be dealt with later. 40 DRYING ELEMENTS Temperature In our study of timber drying we must consider and thoroughly understand both air drying and kiln drying.

F . ) DRYING ELEMENTS the heating coils. With some types of kiln, particularly those in­ stalled some years ago, it is possible that the dampers controlling the opening and closing of the vents are operated by hand. Most modern kilns incorporate the use of automatic control of dampers, which offer a distinct advantage for the following reason. Where fast drying species are being dried, considerable quantities of hot, moist air, must be removed through the vents, and much less for slower drying species.

C. or — — X 100 = 12-9 per cent. Other Methods While the oven dry method is universally accepted as trade practice, it is also usual to employ the use of electrical moisture meters, to carry out quick spot checks on material, either in the yard or in the factory. There are several types of meter on the market, and in general it must be said that the main disadvantages are in the limit of their moisture content range. Within this range, however, they give very satisfactory results. They cannot be expected to give accurate results in damp and foggy weather, as a film of moisture on the surface of the wood, may cause short circuiting, and therefore inaccurate readings.

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