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And, Such propositions may be if true, them when we hear for the first time. on the skull is Thus, Every animal with horns a ruminant conveys information to any who has not previously observed the habits of for the idea of an animal with horns on the person cattle, skull they convey either true or false, real information is quite distinct from the idea of an animal that ruminates. That every animal that possesses the one characteristic possesses the other also is a fact which could not have been learned by any study of the mean ing of words, or any examination of ideas in our minds, but only by actual observation.

If a man says B is C, he must mean that Some B is C, but he need not mean that All B is so. Hence you are safe in assuming that he meant the one, but not that he meant the other. I should here mention such statements that Some and All are not intended to be exclusive If I say Some bodies are heavy, I do that the other bodies are not heavy ; and in of each other. * Logicians divide Categorical Propositions into three The elements a subject, a predicate, and a copula. ), and the quantity Other instances of indefinites, however, are not omitted accordingly.

In which question a great Algebra. z A consists in reducing the statement part of the difficulty to one of the recognised forms of Algebraic equations. * is to a general name because more than one it applies or so are individual Member-of-parliament, Emperor-of-Eome, Man, : and many But other expressions consisting of several words. sin a is other John Thompson (or any proper name) gular term, because and so is ti stands only for one individual, f The-first-Emperor-of-Eome, The meaning Member-for-Newry.

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