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By Azoulay E., Avignant Jean

ISBN-10: 2704210896

ISBN-13: 9782704210893

Azoulay E., Avignant J. Mathematiques four. Algebre (MGH, 1984)(fr)(ISBN 2704210896)

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In: Proc. SPIE Conference on Multimedia Systems and Applications, Boston, MA (2000) 32. : Video browsing system based on compressed domain feature extraction. IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics, Aug. 2000 33. : Constant Pace Skimming and Temporal Sub-sampling of Video Using Motion Activity. To appear in: ICIP 2001 MPEG-7 MDS Content Description Tools and Applications Ana B. Benitez1, Di Zhong1, Shih-Fu Chang1, and John R. edu 2 IBM T. J. com Abstract. In this paper, we present the tools specified by the MDS part of the MPEG-7 standard for describing multimedia data such as images and video.

1 Highlights of Extraction This descriptor relies on computationally intense operations on the motion field to fit the various models. It is the most computationally complex of the MPEG-7 motion descriptors. 4 Motion Activity A human watching a video or animation sequence perceives it as being a slow sequence, fast paced sequence, action sequence etc. The activity descriptor [3] captures this intuitive notion of ‘intensity of action’ or ‘pace of action’ in a video segment. Examples of high ‘activity’ include scenes such as ‘goal scoring in a soccer match’, ‘scoring in a basketball game’, ‘a high speed car chase’ etc.

Vision. W. H. Freeman, San Francisco (1982) 17. , Petkovic D. : Updates to the QBIC System. In: Proc. IS&T SPIE, Storage and Retrieval for Image and Video Databases VI, San Jose, Vol. 3312 (1998) 150-161 18. : Results of Spatio-Temporal Region DS Core/Validation Experiment. In: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11/MPEG99/M5414, Dec. 1999, Maui. 19. : Analysis of video sequences: table of contents and index creation. In: Proc. Int’l Workshop on very low bit-rate video coding (VLBV’99), Kyoto, Japan (1999) 52-56 20.

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