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By Professor of Linguistics Benedikt Szmrecsanyi

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This publication is anxious with the quantitative, utilization dependent, and aggregational research of linguistic version. although dialectologists, sign up analysts, typologists, and quantitative linguists take care of linguistic version, there was little interplay throughout those fields. The contributions, written via well known experts of their subfields, display that there's mutual notion via considering outdoor the disciplinary field.

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24 6. Bernhard Wälchli and Benedikt Szmrecsanyi The structure of this volume In the preceding sections we have presented the contributions according to the four dominant themes of this volume: linguistic varieties, corpora of text and speech, features, and aggregation with quantitative analysis techniques. However, this volume does not simply consist of variations on four themes; each paper has its own intrinsic research agenda, which goes to show that variation-oriented aggregation of features in text and speech is highly flexible – it has an enormous potential of application to different research questions in text and speech, in dialectology, register analysis, typology, and quantitative linguistics.

At first sight, it may look as if the dimensions of age and gender are intertwined, but they can in fact be reduced to just one: innovativeness, with older males and younger females at the extremes thereof. Using the approach set out above, we abstract from potentially socially bound dialect-internal variations in order to broaden the study in dialect geographical respects. This enables us to gain greater insight into the present-day dynamics of the wider dialect landscape. An episode of the Charlie Chaplin movie “The Kid” served as the basis of the recordings we made.

He distinguishes distributional, functional, and developmental laws. e. a system of laws. Two approaches to systems of laws in quantitative linguistics are discussed: Unified Theory and Synergetic Linguistics. Unified Theory is a mathematical approach in the form of a differential equation. It is a kind of aggregation of laws; a large number of well-known laws and hypotheses from quantitative linguistics can be derived from it. Synergetic linguistics investigates self-organizing systems far from equilibrium.

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