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By Eric M. Smith

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Content material:
Chapter 1 class (pages 1–18):
Chapter 2 basics (pages 19–57):
Chapter three Steady?State Temperature Profiles (pages 59–97):
Chapter four Direct?Sizing of Plate?Fin Exchangers (pages 99–142):
Chapter five Direct?Sizing of Helical?Tube Exchangers (pages 143–176):
Chapter 6 Direct?Sizing of Bayonet?Tube Exchangers (pages 177–206):
Chapter 7 Direct?Sizing of RODbaffle Exchangers (pages 207–227):
Chapter eight Exergy Loss and strain Loss Exergy (pages 229–255):
Chapter nine Transients in warmth Exchangers (pages 257–274):
Chapter 10 Single?Blow try out (pages 275–295):
Chapter eleven warmth Exchangers in Cryogenic Plant (pages 297–324):
Chapter 12 warmth move and circulation Friction in Two?Phase stream (pages 325–348):

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4 LMTD-Ntu sizing problem Contraflow LMTD-Ntu sizing Parallel flow LMTD-Ntu sizing Given: Q (duty) Given: Q (duty) Find: geometry Find: geometry Writing energy balances In sizing, the unknown temperatures are found from the energy balances allowing the LMTD to be calculated directly. The product US can then be evaluated and used in direct-sizing methods of design described in later sections. 16) there results which includes the relationship Nh — Nc = ln(A0i/A02). 6 Pat•allel flow The 'theta' methods Alternative methods of representing the performance of heat exchangers exist, and reference to these may be found in Hewitt et al.

9-26. N. (1978) General behaviour of flow induced vibrations in helical tube bundle heat exchangers. Sulzer Tech. , Special Number 'NUCLEX 78', pp. 59-68. 16 Advances in Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers Collinge, K. (1994) Lycoming ACT 1500 powers the Ml Abrams. IGTI Global Gas Turbine News, ASME, May, 4-7. Cownie, J. (1993) Aerospace 90 years on. Prof. Engng, 6(11), December, 17-19. Crisalli, AJ. L. (1993) Overview of the WR-21 intercooled recuperated gas turbine engine system. A modern engine for a modern fleet.

The R-O-L configuration provides even shell-side fluid distribution and mixing. The Phadke (1984) tube-count method will apply to triangular pitching. g. Martin (1992). Hurd (1946) appears to be the first to have analysed the performance of the bayonet-tube heat exchanger, but his analysis was not complete and further results are reported in the present text. The upper diagram in Fig. 6 show a typical exchanger. 6 Bayonet-tube exchanger (upper diagram). Wire-woven tubes (lower diagram) (Holger, 1992), freezing of ground, and cooling of cryogenic storage tanks, and high-temperature recuperators using silicon carbide tubes.

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