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By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

ISBN-10: 0120249073

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It seems more likely that local synthesis of phospholipid or protein within the arterial wall provides the vehicle for trans-mural cholesterol transport. 3. Lipid Storage Diseases Histochemical study of rectal, appendicular or sural nerve biopsies may provide useful knowledge about the accumulated lipids and metabolic derangements in certain storage diseases (Bodian and Lake, 1963; Dayan, 1967b; Lake, 1968b; Sourander and Olsson, 1968; see Adams, 1965d). Such histological and histochemical studies may in themselves be conclusive or indicate the need for histological and chemical study of a brain biopsy (see Blackwood and Cumings, 1966).

1961, 1964; Derry and Wolfe, 1968). The kidneys and adrenals are examples of other organs that are constructed on a layered histological pattern and would, thus, be amenable to cytoarchitectonic analysis of their constituent lipids, but to the author's knowledge no such study has been made on these organs. The walls of larger arteries are particularly suitable for layer-bylayer analysis from the inside to the outside of the vessel. After flattening the vessel wall on the chuck of a De La Rue Frigistor thermoelec- 36 C.

Patrick Sourander, Pathological Institute, Göteborgs University, Sweden, kindly provided the clinical excerpt and necropsy material. 44 C. W . M. ADAMS hydroxamic acid, lipase-lead sulfide, perchloric acid-naphthoquinone, and PAS were all negative. Clearly this "lipid" was completely saturated, even though it was liquid. Because no saturated physiological lipid is liquid at room temperature (see Weast, 19651966), the "lipid" droplets seemed possibly to be a saturated mineral (hydrocarbon) oil. P.

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