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Biomedical Applications

Quite a few steel or non-metallic surfaces are often taken care of by means of elewctrochemical tools (e. g. electrodeposition, electroless deposition, anodization, passivation, and so on. ) so that it will in attaining a fascinating estate very important for biomedical purposes. purposes comprise orthopedic or dental implants, dressings for wound therapeutic and various pores and skin ailments, surfaces for the prevention of bio-film formation of corrosion inhibition in organic media.

The Jatt Metal Hoard in Northern Canaanite/Phoenician and Cypriote Context

ARTZY, M. : THE JATT steel HOARD IN NORTHERN CANAANITE/PHOENICIAN AND CYPRIOTE CONTEXT. BARCELONA, 2006, 161 p. colour laminas. Encuadernacion unique. Nuevo.

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Qualifying, Validating and Documenting a Thermalhydraulic Code Input Deck (C. Pretel, L. Batet, A. Cuadra, A. Machado, G. de San José, I. Sol, F. Reventós, UPC). The work documented in the paper starts from the consideration of the huge effect that the code user may have upon the results of predictions made by Best Estimate codes. The need for a consistent quality assurance procedure is identified. It is recognized in the paper that ‘Documenting a model means much more than the initial task of justifying or describing geometry, controls and protections, kinetics, ...

C. Luxat In this section, six papers were presented, which covered a wide spectrum of code development and improvement activities, including coupling of Thermal-Hydraulic and Neutronic codes, improved code user interfaces, increased code modularity, automatic code uncertainty evaluation and advanced numerical techniques for transient two-phase flow. The paper by H. Asaka et al gives an overview on the progress in the Coupling of the Thermal-Hydraulic Code TRAC with the 3-D Neutron Kinetics Code SKETCH-N.

D´Auria, Univ. Pisa, P. Marsili, ANPA) The Internal Assessment of Uncertainty (IAU) constitutes a capability that was requested for system codes in the OECD/CSNI Meeting held in Annapolis in 1996. The advantages of IAU over an uncertainty method are: • results of uncertainty method applications are not affected by the user of the uncertainty method; • almost no resources are needed for the application of the uncertainty method. This implies that all the necessary engineering choices are embedded into the method and that no panel of experts is needed for the application of the method.

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