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By Gail Gaymer Martin

ISBN-10: 1459212789

ISBN-13: 9781459212787

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Peyton’s dark hair, the color of his and usually tied back in a ponytail, today hung in curls around her shoulders. Lucy’s shorter blond waves bounced with her animation. She spoke well and directly, not afraid to show her enthusiasm while Peyton’s personality had slipped into a bottle with a tight cork. The situation disappointed him. Peyton’s attitude didn’t help her relationship with Lucy, either. He overheard Lucy ask her mother why Peyton was so unfriendly. Ross slithered into silence, his frustration roping him in knots.

He grinned. ” She loved the chefs entertaining the guests with their cooking prowess. But Kelsey and Lucy? He hoped they like Japanese food. ” The muscles in his stomach contracted. “I have another idea, too. ” A scowl settled on her face as she tilted her head. ” Her eyes probed his. “I know a lady who has a daughter your age. She’s been sick, too, and I thought maybe we could invite them. ” Her scowl deepened. ” The conversation with Kelsey marched through his mind. “I sort of invited them already.

I shouldn’t have said anything. ” Kelsey agreed, but she let it drop. She always used good judgment when it came to Lucy and sound thinking for her own life. But today she felt different, almost as if her life had been on hold until now. Chapter Two Ross sat in the hospital waiting room while Peyton had a heart echo and an MRI. The clock hands inched around the face while his mind moved at the same pace. He stared at his cell phone, Kelsey’s phone number in his hand. He’d been adventurous enough to ask her to dinner, but today his enthusiasm faded.

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