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By observing the world from different angles, Greenjuxtaposes scenes and images so as to expose the contrasts and conflicts of life. I have indicated that it is primarily by this method of juxtaposing incongruous elements that one is able to discern an evaluative authorial tone. I will try to show that the conflicts that operate in Green's fiction - between social classes; between generations; between men and women - are conflicts ofindividual attitudes rather than of social or biological determinants.

These two passages from Living give some indication of the manner in which Green reveals his attitude to various characters, even though he attaches no moral labels. His stated intention to create art which can 'live in people who are alive' - involves not only his non-representational technique whereby the reader must participate actively to recreate the meaning of the work. Green's statement must be seen against the background of existential barrenness that marks his fiction. To revitalize man through his art seems to be his underlying concern.

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