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By William Alan Day (auth.)

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The goal of this booklet is to touch upon, and make clear, the mathematical points of the speculation of thermodynamics. the normal displays of the topic are usually beset by way of a few obscurities linked to the phrases "state", "reversible", "irreversible", and "quasi-static". This booklet is written within the trust that such obscurities are most sensible got rid of no longer by means of the formal axiomatization of thermodynamics, yet by means of atmosphere the speculation within the wider context of a real box concept which includes the results of warmth conduction and intertia, and proving applicable effects in regards to the governing differential equations of this box concept. Even within the easiest one-dimensional case it's a nontrivial activity to hold throughout the information of this software, and plenty of demanding difficulties stay open.

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X) were to vanish identically, as it does within the isothermal linearized theory of elasticity, C would be the solution of a Sturm-Liouville problem for which the assertion is false whenever ro/21t is a characteristic frequency of vibration. The proof is readily supplied. (x) and k(x) are positive, it must be that C(x) = 0, as required. In the remaining case ro = 0, the boundary value problem reduces to [PC']' = 0, C(A) = C(B) = 0, and, because P(x) is positive, we can conclude, just as in an earlier argument, that C(x) = in this case too.

34 4. Efficiency Within Homogeneous and Dissipationless Thermoelasticity In view of the fact that the functions + ~, T) - (T, S) -+ &(Eo S, (T, S) -+ &(Eo - ~, T) - S are CO it must be possible to choose B so that O 0, whenever IT-Tol

35. In the context of linearized thermoelasticity it is possible to answer affirmatively the question which corresponds to that posed in §23. In order to do so it is necessary to restrict the coefficients that appear in the linearized displacement-temperature equations; the thermal conductivity k has already been assumed to be positive but we shall now require {3, J1, p, c to be positive as well. The positivity of {3, p, c requires no comment. In view of the constitutive relation (J = (Jo + {3E - J1(T - To), the positivity of J1 (and {3) means that, at constant stress, the strain is an increasing function of the temperature-which would appear to be a reasonable requirement.

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