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It is called a ‘concept’ because it is like a child of the mind. It is called ‘formal’ either because it is the ultimate form of the mind, or because it formally represents to the mind the thing which is known, or because it is the intrinsic and formal termination of the mind’s conception, in which it differs from the objective concept. The objective concept is said to be that thing, or character (ratio), which is properly and immediately known or represented. For example, when we conceive man, that act which we produce in the mind in order to conceive man is called the formal concept.

Should metaphysics be learned before or after the other sciences? e. 91 1 Notes The problem of the authenticity of Book 2 () has persisted up to modern time. The book itself seems incomplete and appears to be an interpolation. It also appears to break the continuity between Books 1 and 3. From antiquity its attribution to Aristotle himself has been questioned. Thus, it has been attributed by some to Pasicles of Rhodes, a nephew of Eudemus of Rhodes, and himself a pupil of Aristotle. Werner Jaeger (cf.

Esp. DM 23, 1, n. 5, vol. 25, p. 844. This Section has special interest inasmuch as it presents Suárez’s doctrine of the metaphorical nature of final causality; on this cf. Vernon J. Bourke, Will in Western Thought: An Historico-Critical Survey (New York: Sheed and Ward, 1964), p. 178. 67 Cf. 984b14–18. 68 Cf. Phaedo 97B. 69 A figure of speech in which a name appropriate to different things is applied to one of them for which it is especially suited. 70 Cf. , Metaphysica, I, Tr. 3, c. 3, ed. B. Geyer, in Opera omnia, tomus XVI, pars 1(Monasterium Westfalorum: Typis Aschendorff, 1960), pp.

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